Setting Up a WordPress Blog & Standardizing Your Theme to Big Brother

Setting Up a Blog on

  1. Go to (Use Google Chrome or Firefox)
  2. Click Get Started (if you do not already have a wordpress blog. If you do, then sign in)
  3. Enter your email address (if you do not have an email address, then create a free one on
  4. Choose a username (one that you will remember)
  5. Choose a password (one that you will remember)
  6. Create a URL address (this must be school appropriate)
  7. Choose a FREE blog – do not choose one that costs money
  8. Click Create Blog (the free one)
  9. Title your overall blog your first and last name only.  Nothing more please.
  10. Go to Dashboard – Settings – General – Time Zone – Change to UTC -5 (This step is very important. If your time clock is not set correctly, then your posts and comments might be considered late.)
  11. Click Save Changes
  12. Go to Appearances – Themes –Choose Big Brother. No other theme should be used for this blog.
  13. Click Activate